Customized e-Commerce Services


The sites below are all powered by the Zen Cart e-commerce application. As a whole, they are indicative of how Zen Cart can be tailored to meet specific business needs, and how readily the 'look and feel' can be customized via the template system. Most of them include some custom functionality that was specifically developed for the particular site.


Bruno Guez of Quango Music Group asked me to develop a template that would seamlessly integrate Zen Cart into his existing site, the front end of which is updated via a content management system.

For The Visual Church site, I was given a proposed design layout and asked to develop a Zen Cart template to match it. The site does have a fairly unique theme, and the design works well for the site. The unique feature built into this cart is the ability for video clips to be easily attached to a product by the site owner: he just adds a video in exactly the same way that an image is added to a product and the template does the rest.

Scale Hardware manufactures and sells a variety of miniature bolts and rivets for use in highly detailed scale models. These products lend themselves to purchasing from a product list, as the description of each product within a category is identical except for the actual product dimensions. The owner of the site wanted a way to include those dimensional specifications within the product listing to simplify the purchasing process for the customer. I developed a new product type for those products that allows him to enter the specifications as separate data fields on the product entry page, and then developed a custom product listing module that utilizes the extra data only for that product type. That allowed the retention of the standard product listing module for his 'regular' products.

Andy Hofmeister, Marketing VP for Reading For All Learners, asked me to produce a customized Zen Cart template for their website at that was simple, easy to navigate and appealing to a younger audience. A result of close collaboration with their own graphic design team, the end result certainly met with their expectations. Whilst this project was primarily template development work, there was also some custom coding on both the front and back ends for the customer review sections.